The Tale of the Cancer Cells

Once upon a time there was a multi-organ cancer dwelling in a human body. The Cancer Cells (CCs) were alarmed about the deteriorating health of the person they were inhabiting, so they decided to call a global corporal summit to see what could be done to address the situation. All the different tumors were represented […]

The dark side of marketing

By definition, marketing is the science of making certain people habitually do something that somebody else wants them to do, such as buying a specific brand every time; it is the art of ingraining habits. Marketing is attracting attention, arousing interest; it is persuasion, awakening desire, convincing, gaining confidence; marketing is strategic positioning and maintaining […]

El lado oculto del marketing

Por definición marketing es la ciencia de hacer que determinadas personas hagan algo que a alguien le interesa que hagan, como comprar un producto de una empresa determinada de forma habitual; vamos, el arte de instaurar hábitos. El marketing es llamar la atención, es despertar interés, es persuasión, es fomentar deseo, es convencer, es generar […]


A few days ago, I was having a casual conversation about ‘el sector’, which is how people in this area refer to the agricultural industry in the southern Spanish regions of Almería, Granada and Murcia, whose citizens could be called “southeasterners”. Once again the same old story came up: how lucky our sector is to […]